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  Shambala is a paradise where our own dreams can come true.




The project for life & inclusion SHAMBALA LAND

ecological community & camping park


life, vacation, recreation, wellness, culture activities, education & consciousness devolpment

– for the young & the young at heart with or without a disability –

– undogmatic, solidary, international, unconventional, ecological, merry –


an independent community based on self-supply and hospitality


Components of our strategy

  • Tourism

recreation, relaxation, entertainment, work- out

  • Inclusion *

For every friendly person, if young or still young at heart

Assistance and care for challenged persons of all ages

  •  Ecology

Sustainability, natural nearness, permaculture, environment protection and animal welfare

  • Autarky

Self-sufficiency (energy, food, clothing shelter, …)

  • Culture

Music, dance, literature, arts, philosophy, spirituality

  • Education

Schooling  & enlightenment (Ecology, sociology, politics, nutrition, languages, …)

  • Health

Nutrition, wellness, exercising, work-out

  • To live

Freely, authentically, pleasantly, merry, healthy, independently, collectively, solidary

*Inclusion in its original meaning comes from the Latin and means involvement or embedding. Inclusion calls for a condition of affiliation of all people of society, linked with the possibility for the unlimited participation in all areas of society whether in school, at work, in the cultural scene, during leisure or vacation. This is valid for everybody. All are treated equally without regard of nationality, gender, age, handicap or any other condition.

Consisting of the following main parts:

–    Ecological village (dwelling houses, community kitchen, sanitary facilities, communal and administrive facilities

–    Camping park  (short term spots & long term plots)

–    Rental lodgings (caravans, tents/tipis/yurts, tree houses/bungalows/tiny houses)

–    Restaurant, bar and club

–    Cultural- and educational center (rooms for events, teaching and training,  library,  computer area)

–    Gardening and agriculture (e.g. greenhouse – for a high degree in sulf-sufficieny)

–    Adventure field and playground, chillout zones, leisure place, …

–    Day nursery

Close to nature, artistic, poetic, exceptional, barrier-free design !


Who and what we are looking for:

–      Like-minded people
–      Territory in a beautiful and natural environment
–      Support (intellectual, practical, monetary)
–      Donations (money, caravans, trailer, tools, machines, …)
–      Craftsmen, go-getters, educators, nurses, …
–      Gardener and farmers
–      Healers and teachers
–      Artists & connoisseurs of the art of living
–      Active and passive contributors (part time or full time)

We would wish:

–    Vigorous cooperation (within the limits of one’s own physical and mental capabilities)
–    The will to live peacefully and friendly in community
–    A tolerant und undogmatic approach/attitude
–    Independence and self-knowledge (in a necessary amount)
–    Stamina and willing to learn
–    at least the money to survive a few months (for food, assurance, accommodation or maybe to have a caravan, etc.)

initial position, the reasons for  our strategy

  • tourism

–    camping vacation clearly causes less CO2 than long-distance holidays and stays at hotels
–    campers accept and wish a simpler equipment and accessoires. Hence, lower capital requirements are necessary
–    camping is an ideal opportunity for income because  a 100% food self-sufficiency will be hardly to achieve
–    through education and inspiration of our guests we will make a appositive impact on society
–    voluntourismus – we appriciate the help of volunteers

  • Inclusion

For handicapped people access to tourism and to the services offered in our community is what we see as an important component of social work and participating in society.
On the basis of still existing prejudices, lack of infrastructure and lack of caring staff, it is not possible for most handicapped people to enjoy an often desired, lighthearted vacation.
We want to allow and support the equal and self-determined participating of handicapped and non-handicapped people. Inclusion should take place in the employment area as well as in the composition of our pool of guests.

  • Ecology

Mankind exploits the natural resources of the earth pitilessly. More and more edged out  animals and plants and conquers their living spaces. The results are a species extinction, environmental disasters, overfishing, water shortage, extreme weather, …
We want to counter balance such development, live not only very close to but also with nature, with lasting effects in support of the environment, but also in active pursuit of the protection of our environment and protection of the animals. We want to train as many people as possible in these subjects and stimulate environment-conscious action.

  • Autarky

To live self-sufficiently, our biggest motivation is the wish to accept responsibility for the world round us and to cut as many chains as possible to dependencies of any kind.

The aim is total independence and turning away from despising, environmental-destroying companies, criminal banks, corrupt governments, …
Self-sufficiency: Orientation towards the guidelines of the principle of permaculture, bio-cultivation and the lastingness

  • Culture

Special support of visionary culture, cabaret, vaudeville theatre, alternative music culture

  • Education

Schooling in the areas of ecology, sociology, peace work, inclusion, nutrition, languages,

  • Health

With the main focuses healthy food, yoga, healing, sport, meditation, wellness,  …

  • Living

Stress-free living without overworking, having time for essentials in life, in an united community, without negating individual preferences or forced dropping of individual characteristics.

Our goal is a non-capitalistic living through:

–    working instead of paying
–    exchanging economy
–    free food and other services  (with the request for donations)
–    self-sufficiency
–    resource saving
–    reducing, reusing, recycling
–    voluntary work
–    barter (with regional farmers, craftsmen, guests, …)
–    creating/using of lending groups, sharing-networks (vehicles, machines, …)
–    cooperations
–    creating of a cummunity currency
(1 Shamba = 1 hour of work = e.g. 10 €)
–    ad-free zone, no-logo-area, no commercials, …
–    community in solidarity through establishing a fund for helping (illness, pension, …)

Sources of income

Collecting money from guests/tourists and supporters

–    short time lot lease or rent
–    long time renting of lots and lodgings
–    fees/charges/admission for training sessions, seminars, workshops, linguistic courses, events, animation,  childcare and care of handicapped persons
–    commission of partners in fields like physiotherapists, wellness, hairdressing, tattoo-ing, guided MTB tours, workshops, training sessions, seminars, car-repairing (garage), …
–    rental incomes from co-housing or sublease and long-term renting of lodgings
–    perhaps income by lease of  restaurant, bar, etc.
–    snack bar, restaurant, bar, club
–    kiosk/small supermarket (food, camping- &  RV- & Equipment, …)
–    events (culture, education, special themes, camps, …)
–    sales of own t-shirts, bags, arts & crafts, groceries, …
–    donations, sponsorship
–    sales of caravans, tents, tipees, yurts and equipment
–    repair & installation, extension & renovation
–    rental of  bikes , e-scooter, sport- & leisure device

Minimisation of expenses

–    extensive self-sufficiency (food, energy, shelter, clothing, etc.)
–    tax savings by use of as little money as possible
–    own water & energy supply
–    saving of water & energy
–    honourary, voluntary cooperation
–    recycling

see: non-capitalistic living

Organisation and enterprise form

1.    co-operative

owner of the ground, responsible for infrastructure, marketing, organization, …

2.    support association Shambala Land e.V.

registered charitable association for disabled person’s help, inclusion, appropriation, PR, ..

3.    Shambala Land culture & gastronomy UG (limited liability)

Possibility of profit-oriented business for catering, sales of solar systems, caravan, supermarket, …. Later maybe change into Ltd. or gGmbH

4.    optionally –  affiliated independent economic units

Affiliates hold shares in the co-operative, but self-administered and self liable. Central marketing and accountance may be offered by co-operative.
The concept need to be changed because of regional laws

Also: Building a solidarity fund for emergencies, medical care and pension


Company capital

–    own capital
–    income by sales (t-shirts, ..), donations

Outside capital

–    loans, mini-loans and micro-credits from private persons
–    silent partner
–    social banking (GLS Bank)
–    membership fees
–    donations and sponsorship, crowdfunding
–    sales of  co-operative shares
–    sales of vouchers
–    important: as little outside capital as possible from banks

Options of the support, participation and investment

–    voluntary cooperation (for lodging and catering or vouchers)
–    active or passive membership in our registered association Shambala Land e.V.
–    own business connected with Shambala Land


–    donated item
–    donation in cash
–    object-related cash donation (e.g. financing of a caravan)

Advantages: ethically meaningfully, tax deductible, as a bonus Shambala vouchers , if caravan financing occasional free use, …


–    lasting supports in the form of money or promotions

Advantages: ethically meaningfully, promotional exchange or Shambala-vouchers, donations to the registered association.

Capital contribution (Shambala Land)

–    investment
–    purchase of co-operative shares

Advantages: yield of the profit of the co-operative (proportionally)
Security: limited liability, retention of owner rights with bought goods (vehicles, caravans, solar plant, machinery, …)

Private loan for Shambala Land

–    for fixed interest

if private money:
interest rate according to capital height approx. 4-10% (that means 100% more than usual at the present time)

if money from a credit:
after arrangement, interest rate (mostly 5-10%) + 2-3%

–    against credit,

redeemable incl. material payment of interest of approx. 20%  in food, accommodation and other services of Shambala Land

From a certain amount of engagement: granting of a permanent resident right

Remarks: your money at banks and assurances is not safe!

Also: smaller sums are possible.

Questions or suggestions ? Please get in touch ! We‘ll find a solution!

Time table

–    concept development, land search and perhaps land acquistition (purchase or rent): 2015
–    preparation, land purchase or rent building a pioneer’s camp: end of 2016
–    start: spring 2017, with basic structure

Pioneer’s camp: lodgings (caravans, campers), catering possibility and sanitary supply of the construction assistants


Required facilities

–    sanitary rooms (perhaps to begin with mobile toilet- & sanitary-trailer)
–    community room with kitchen (perhaps to begin with a big tent and a food trailer)
–    lodgings for the assistants and pioneers (caravans, campers, maybe yurts)
–    access
–    direction signs

Required vehicles (we ask for donations or loans):

–    closed trailer (perfect with a cooling aggregate)
–    van, small coach (nine seats, for transport and transfer from airport, excursions, …)
–    toilet and sanitary trailer, food trailer

Required basic equipment (please donate or give as a loan):

–    solar plant for energy (incl. storage system)
–    solar thermal energy plant for hot water (incl. isolated hot water storage boiler)
–    combined heat and power plant, generator
–    dry toilets
–    water connection, well, sewage connection and treatment plant, irrigation system
–    wooden stoves
–    computer, phone- & internet- connection & equipment satellite TV-receiver equipment
–    tools, buzzsaw, driller, embroidery saw, grinder, …
–    lawn mower, power saw, shredder, …
–    gardening tools, shovels, barrows, bag carts, …
–    signs
–    fire extinguisher
–    washing machines, washer, …
–    gas cooker, solar cooker

Duties / fields of activity:

–    construction (wood, walls, tiles, electrical installation, sanitation, garden, ways, … )
–    accountancy: controlling/finance/taxes, …
–    authorities (building dept., trade office, safety standards authority, fire brigade, police, …)
–    marketing & PR
–    garden & agriculture
–    housekeeping/purchase
–    janitor and technical care, also for the vehicles
–    garbage & recycling, sewage, irrigation
–    care of the EDP system and the Internet
–    care of hired and voluntary employees
–    care of guests, disabled persons, children, animals
–    nurse
–    kiosk, supermarket
–    snack bar, restaurant
–    kitchen, bakery (with assistants)
–    bar, club, cultural centre
–    driving services, shuttle service
–    cleaning personnel
–    animation & entertainment (games, events, courses, screenings, …)
–    schooling/courses/workshops/education
–    networking
–    security

Voluntary help, voluntourismus

–    opportunity of voluntary and honorary work
–    European Voluntary Service, Voluntary Social or Ecological Year
–    longtime stays (free food & use of infrastructure)
–    helping and cooperation with disabled persons
–    training periods

Important subjects / fields of work

–    managament of co-operative, registered charitable association, units
–    permaculture, agriculture, gardening
–    housekeeping, stockage, homestead
–    supply & disposal (energy, water, sewage, garbage)
–    survivalism
–    lodging
–    transports, logistics (guests, required goods)
–    EDP, internet, gen. communication
–    politics, sociology, education, security
–    health, wellness
–    internal community
–    marketing, PR


Considerations about the location

–    untouched nature (with trees and water)
–    financeable
–    rural, quit, however accessible without problems
–    moderate climate (potential more tourists, income through guests also in low seaon, lower heating and cooling costs, higher yields in the garden, physically less exhausting, …)
–    suitable for self-sufficiency (water, fertile soil – it requires from 0.2 to 0.3 hectares per person)
–    suitable for tourism (property size, image, diverse opportunities for sport, spare time, culture & holiday activities)
–    practicability and accessibility for bigger RVs & caravans
–    suitable for people with handicap
–    juridically possible

*Reader’s Digest Garden Book: a 4-headed family needs for the cultivation of their annual need in vegetables, salad and potatoes about 500 square meters of land. The working hours required for that amount to 230 hours/year.

Current considerations

–    we prefer: Portugal, Spain (incl. Ibiza), perhaps Sardinia
–    many reasons count against other countries
–    because of  the current crisis, the price of land is cheaper  in these counties
–    the councils must welcome our project, because we will create jobs bring tourists (spending) for the region
–    lower costs for time of construction, it’s accessible by car and truck
–    cultural nearness
–    mild winters require less heating costs and thus less capital is needed (e.g. for isolation)
–    longer tourist season
–    climate rarely extreme, (little danger of dangerous animals and of diseases)
–    well introduced tourist destination
–    potentially high number of guests, volunteers, enthusiasts
–    good infrastructure (streets, doctors, hygiene, …)
–    relatively high legal security and low criminal activity rate

further informations: 



donation account:    Shambala Land e.V.,

GLS Bank, IBAN: DE04 4306 0967 7027 1543 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS (Bochum)

GLS Bank is the first social-ecological all-purpose bank of the world.

HELP  … to create a peaceful-friendly-happy community  !