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The registered charitable association Shambala Land e.V.

Inclusion is a human right, and that’s we want to realize.

We enable travelling without barriers and even for care-dependent people rest and relaxation at their holiday resort (on our grounds). We offer professional aid especially for persons with an increased need for support. Solidarity and assistance work hand in hand.
We do everything together. Various leisure activities, recreational activities, sports and holiday activities as well as educational activities too. That’s inclusion for us.

Everything based on an environment-friendly, sustainably, resource saving, respectfully way of living. We teach high ecological standards.

We want to remove obstacles, not only the materialistic ones, overcome reservations and help handicapped and non-handicapped people living together in normality.

Excerpts of the statute of Shambala Land e.V.

§ 1  Name and location

The name of the association is Shambala Land.
It shall registered at the association register (Amtsgericht Ravensburg,  Herrenstr. 42,  88212 Ravensburg, Deutschland) and receives the suffix e.V.
The associations location is Seefeld 8, D-88271 Wilhelmsdorf, Germany

§ 3 Purpose of the association

The association pursues only charitable and social goals, defined in the tax code.
The purpose is to help the helpless people with physical or mental handicaps

§ 4  Single measures

The stated purpose is realized in particular through:
–    helping to integrate disabled persons in society and find jobs for them

–    the suggestion, establishment, operation, support and promotion of facilities for the disabled where they can live, work, learn, recreate, recover and be on holiday

–    the organization of open therapeutic and integrative holiday camps

Everything is oriented on the principles of inclusion, ecological sustainability, environmental protection and living together in peaceful harmony.

§ 5  Unselfish activities

The accociation is opearing unslefishly; it does not pursue selfish economic interests.

§ 6  Use of funds

Funds of the association can only be used for purposes listed in the code. Members are not eligible to receiving funds from the association.



In general

For most people, taking vacations and travelling are basic needs as they provide unique means for bringing diversity into their daily lives, for establishing relationships with other people, and for discovering new worlds and cultures. This is particularly important for people with disabilities.
Although often desired, for most people with disabilities it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy an unimpeded vacation.
The reasons lie specifically in resentments that are still prevalent in society, in insufficient infrastructure, missing access to adequate transportation, or inadequate tourist location, as well as insufficient caretaking possibilities. Furthermore, fear of contact and insufficient knowledge of the provider and its associated worker are additional reasons that make travelling with a disability difficult.
There is a demand for „barrier-free tourism for all“.

Behind this there is the idea to generate expanded opportunities for jointly organizing vacations and leisure activities between people with and without disabilities.
So far, people with disabilities have been mainly regarded as a niche group by the tourist business, which needed to be targeted through special offers advertises as “disabled welcome”, “wheel-chair accessible”, etc. The disabled are not at all a niche group and even by sole numbers they comprise a large group of the general population.

Investigations by the Sozialdata Institute in Munich revealed that the group of people with disabilities, for example in Germany, contributes about 13.5% of the entire population. Europe-wide they are estimated to contribute to 14%, a number that is on the rise.

The following target groups will mainly benefit from barrier-free tourism:
–    people with officially high disability rate (GdB > 50%)
–    people with disabilities (GdB < 50%)
–    people which are temporarily or permanently restricted in their mobility

Investigations by the European Ministery of Transporation have shown that through demographic changes the fraction of people suffering from restricted mobility might reach 30%-50% of the entire population in the near future.

Hereby it is assumed, that for every 10 disabled travelers 13 accompanying people will be required. This equals 1.3 accompanying persons per disabled traveler.

However, in our society holidays do not only have a high relevance. Recovery from work even is a human right. This is also true for people with disabilities. Therefore, it is a requirement by the “Convention for the disabled”, which has been ratified by UNO in 2006.

In particular

Options for vacation taking are still limited for people with disabilities. We of Shambala want to change this for the better.


As part of their social immersion, it is important for the disabled to have access to tourism and its services.

Through Shambala Land association  we want to provide equal and self-determined access for both, the disabled and the non-disabled. At our locations we emphasize inclusion in employment relationships as well as inside our guest structure.

Inclusion, in its original meaning of the word, has its roots in Latin and means “encasement” or “being part of”. Inclusion describes a condition in which all the people (of course) belong to society, and have the opportunity for unimpeded participation in all areas of this society, be it school, work, culture, leisure time, or holidays. This is valid for all, no matter which nationality, gender, age, or whether disabled or not.

Our specific offer

Guided Travel

We pick up our cared for guests directly at the airport. If desired (and paid for), we offer full guidance for the entire tour.

Guided Vacation

Guidance depends on the degree of personal requirements and will be developed in the best ways possible through consultation with the persons to be cared for, their relatives, caretakers, and mentors.
Special arrangements may be offered upon request and in cases of high degrees of disability.

Organizating of open therapeutic and integrative holiday camps

Funny, exciting, and relaxing camps will be offered for people with and withoug diabilities, including special camps for kids.

Educational offerings

–    ecological nutrition, nature-based and adventure-based pedagogy
–    theatre and music workshops

Upon request we will consider individual wishes.


For whom ?

For people with slight or moderate physical or mental disability. For people with serious disabilities upon request.

Where ?

–    destinations in Germany and in Europe, into cities or into nature.
–    Camping locations in the Region of Lake Constance (Bodensee/Allgäu)
–    In Shambala Land, our partner project, after its opening (in 2014), planned in Southern Europe (information upon request)

Help us help !

Become a member, become active, and/or passively help us through donating goods and/or money.
As an operation of the work with the disabled, we are considered a charity organization by the tax authority Weingarten according to §§51 ff AO. We would be happy to receive your donation to support our work. In return, we would be happy to provide a tax-deductible donation receipt. We would be pleased to receive donations in the form money of or for the financing of:

–    Campers, Tipis, Yurts
–    Trailors
–    Van (9 seats)
–    Tools, machines, games, …

If you are interested in supporting our work, then you are …..

–    doing something to preven discrimination and marginalize disabled people
–    solicit understanding and tolerance for the disabled in daily life situations
–    helping so that children, teenagers, adolescents and adults can be best supported according to their level of disability.
–    taking care that disabled people (including those with serious conditions (receive a chance for developing their abilities. So that they can live a fulfilled and mostly self-determined life according to their needs and desires.
–    helping so that parents and the dependents of the disabled are being accompanied and unburdened
–    making a contribution for a more human world

Diabled people belong with us. They do occupy a natural place in our society.To fight for this is worthwhile  !                                                                                                                                                Join us! Support disabled people! Become an active member or passive supporter in Shambala Land e.V.

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